today in the morning the doorbell rang. my father called ‘package for you’, i squealed, he looked at me as if i was crazy, i went back to my room and cried from the overload of beauty, thoughtfullness and wonder.

(also look how i artistically retouched the addresses in picasa)

1st day of classes - i disliked a lecture i anticipated to like and enjoyed one i thought i wouldn’t. surprisingly i have a seminar at 8:15 tomorrow so i better go to sleep. (i think i’m going to use twitter for small updates stuff like this, to not clog your dashes and my blog).

it’s scary to imagine but they say patients will confuse us with doctors because of the white coats + stethoscopes so we can’t sit on the floors in circles cause it looks not serious.


Orchard meadow #20 by ursulamller900 on Flickr.
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hi i took these when i came back after 2am last night and double espresso made me more weird than alcohol does (i was driving so coffee instead of wine).

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i thought i’d make another list

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